I'm not usually one for "about me" sections but I've heard they're useful, so here we go.

My name is Sophia Carey and I'm a freelancer photographer and designer from London, currently based in both London and Manchester.

I work across photography and design in a number of different fields, most of which you can see evidence of across this website, and have worked with a range of clients across genres over my years of working in the industry. For a constantly updated feed of what I'm up to, you can find me across social media where I'm always interacting, posting and eager for a chat!

Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

If you're interested in working with me I'm always eager to introduce myself so please don't hesitate to get in touch! You can contact me via my contact form or via email.

If you're looking to connect with me on a professional basis, you can find me over on LinkedIn or on The Dots.

Past Clients

My list of past clients is extensive, but some of the more notable names include:

  • VOXI by Vodafone
  • Panasonic
  • Hooch
  • Creative Debuts
  • Franklin & Sons
  • Damn Shaq
  • Flowdan
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