Visual Branding

Visual branding, whether for a conglomerate or a personal brand, is arguably one of the most important aspects of your brand. I work with companies and individuals to create a cohesive identity that compliments their business. Below, you can see a few of my favourite projects. To see more, visit my Behance.

"Image and perception help drive value, without an image there is no perception." Scott M. Davis

Polari Creative

Polari Creative is a new creative company that focus on LGBTQ+ and non-binary artists and stories.

The brand identity that I created for them was based on the idea of combining the different dimensions of the company and exploring the themes of the language of Polari in an abstract and geometric form.

Classy and elegant, their motif logo encompasses the idea of "creating" through themes of construction and geometry, with shapes embedded to represent keys, symbolising secrets, and connotations of speech and storytelling.

What's Your Tone?

What's Your Tone? is a creative community and the brand identity that I created for them is based on users, or members of the community, answering the question “what’s your tone?”.

The rectangular symbol represents the brand being a space to discover the answer to this question. The symbol can also be used dynamically, in motion design and UI/UX design, such as being used as a loading bar or search bar.


SaveYour is a brand of apps that I created, aiming to solve large-scale global issues, such as the climate crisis and personal debt, using small actions. The brand identity was heavily themed around character design, in particular of three characters that were featured across the apps.

BITE Music Festival

The branding for BITE Music Festival was based on the idea of a "bite", visually explored through typefaces and symbols. With a modern design approach, the branding aimed to combine the tastes and interests of a mixture of musical genres.

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