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15 Adobe Lightroom Presets + Installation, Tips & Tricks Guide

When you decide to become a photographer, editing is probably one of the last things you’ll consider and sometimes coming to grips with it’s extensive process can be added hassle that you don’t need after a long day shooting. 

I spent years trying to perfect my editing style and gain consistency within my photographs at a quality which I was proud to show off and that’s why I am now presenting this set of six high-quality presets for sale -- so that those countless hours spent tweaking the tone curves can be cut down and you can spend more time on the things that you enjoy.

Of course, all images react differently and so you may have to tweak the presets slightly for the desired look, but at least the majority of the legwork is done.

The presets are intended for use in Adobe Lightroom on RAW files, although they can be used on iPhone and JPG images (but this will most likely require additional tweaking). 

You can browse photos using these SJC02 Presets and tag your own photos to get featured with the hashtag #SJC02Presets. Click to browse.

All sales are final. Please download within the first 60 days of purchase. Your link will expire after that.

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