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£15.00 GBP

**15 Adobe Lightroom Presets + Installation, Tips & Tricks Guide**


 **Included in your SJCBW Preset Kit** 

- 15 Adobe Lightroom Presets (XMP) 

- Installation and instructions guide 

- Tips and tricks guide 

- Do's and Don'ts list 

- Email address for around-the-clock support and customer care 


If you require the DNG files because you are having difficulty installing the XMPs, please contact me so that I can send you these separately. They are too big a file size to send via my shop. Many thanks. 


 These presets are a great way to save time and effortlessly find the perfect black and white setting for your image; because we all know the timeless power of a good black and white photograph. 

 All images react differently and so you may have to tweak the presets slightly for the desired look. 

 The presets are intended for use in Adobe Lightroom on RAW files, although they can be used on iPhone and JPG images (but this will most likely require additional tweaking).

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